Blog Integration

BloggerIntegration has functionality to import a blog from to another site.

The classes in this package can process one or more blogs parsing the blog to extract posts, comments, images, etc.
The processed blogs pages can be rendered and published into another site with a different template. This package can also integrate imported blogs with a site published with osCommerce.

Name: Blogger Integration Support forum
Description: Import a blog published in into a site
Version: 1.3
Required PHP version: 4.3
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

The package includes:
readme.html Doc. Documentation 31,435
licence.txt Lic. GNU General Public License 18,326
frame.php Appl. main file 1,702
BloggerIntegration.php4 Class PHP4 class file 7,271
DynamicTemplate.php4 Class PHP4 class file 4,129
BloggerIntegration.php5 Class PHP5 class file 7,149
DynamicTemplate.php5 Class PHP5 class file 4,541
template.php Aux. osCommerce template example 2,350
application_top.php Appl. osCommerce application_top 22,703
languages.php Appl. osCommerce language box 1,549
currencies.php Appl. osCommerce currencies box 1,984
html_output.php Appl. osCommerce HTML output functions 11,191
information.php Appl. osCommerce information box 1,686

Download all files: (94915 bytes)

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