Import and export data in databases to XML files

This class is meant to import and export data stored in SQL databases to XML files using the ADODB library.

It provides a function to export the data of SQL query result set to XML file.

It also provides another function that parses XML files that define the data of fields to be inserted as new rows of a table also specified in the XML files.

You can download these files (the class and the examples) from or here (8kb)

Included in the package are:
class.ADODB_XML.php Class Class mother

 class.xml.php    --    Class    -- Auxiliary class

 connection.php --  Aux. --  connection for ADOdb

 DB_TO_XML.php --  Example --  This example saves the data of the consultation in an file XML

 user.sql  --  Data  --  Script SQL

 usersxml.xml --  Data  --  XML for test

 XML_TO_DB.php --  Example --  This example saves the content of file XML in the table "users" of the Data base

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