Thumbnail and Watermark On-The-Fly

Sometimes we may want to create thumbnails and/or watermark on-the-fly for images on our web sites instead of creating offline by using some tools or image editors. We want to generate it automatically from our php scripts. Thus, we can use thumbnail class made by Emilio Rodriguez  and we can download it from or from here (including an example file 7kb).

*This is a class that can process an image on the fly by either generate a thumbnail, apply an watermark to the image, or resize it.
* The processed image can either be displayed in a page, saved to a file, or returned to a variable.
* It requires the PHP with support for GD library extension in either version 1 or 2. If the GD library version 2 is available it the class can manipulate the images in true color, thus providing better quality of the results of resized images.
* Features description:
* - Thumbnail: normal thumbnail generation
* - Watermark: Text or image in PNG format. Suport multiples positions.
* - Auto-fitting: adjust the dimensions so that the resized image aspect is not distorted
* - Scaling: enlarge and shrink the image
* - Format: both JPEG and PNG are supported, but the watermark image can only be in PNG format as it needs to be transparent
* - Autodetect the GD library version supported by PHP
* - Calculate quality factor for a specific file size in JPEG format.
* - Suport bicubic resample algorithm
* - Tested: PHP 4 valid
* @package Thumbnail and Watermark Class
* @author Emilio Rodriguez
* @version 1.48 <2005/07/18>
* @copyright GNU General Public License (GPL)

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