Generating excel (xls) files

Here we generate excel files from php script. To begin we will need some main excel classes as following:
1. BIFFwriter.php (for writing BIFF (binary file format)
2. Format.php (for generating excel XF records)
3. OLEwriter.php (OLE stream for spreadsheet)
4. Parser.php (for parsing excel formula)
5. Workbook.php (for generating excel workbook)
6. Worksheet.php (for generating excel worksheet)

You may want to see some examples in which you can download with all the six files above. You can download them all here (48kb) !!.

There are also five example files included:
1. example1.php (creating first example in generating excel document and comments are also included)
2. example2.php (set and modify fonts and styles)
3. example3.php (set columns and rows)
4. example4.php (set page)
5. example5.php (apply formula)

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