Introduction 2 Web Programming Languages - Meeting 1

Basically, there are two types of web programming languages, that is, client side languages and server side languages. Those which belong to client side languages are HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Java Applet, and some others. And the server side ones are PHP, JSP, ASP, Servlet, .Net and some others.

The basic difference between the two is where the scripts are executed. Client side languages are executed in client side meaning in the users’s browser while server side ones are executed in servers.

Another insignificant difference is that we can simply see the client side scripts by right-clicking mouse while the server side ones can’t.

Well, from now on we will learn one of those server side languages, PHP. The question is why we choose server side langages and why PHP?

Some reasons why I prefer to choose server side language is that they are more secure as users can’t see the codes, they can connect to database and manage the data so that we can make interactive web sites with our users, and some more.

And why PHP? It s because PHP now is known as the most popular language to develop a web site. It offers many benefits to either programmers and users. PHP is easily learned, very fast, robust, and many more, you can find why PHP becomes the most users all over the world from many forums, blogs and web sites. So, no more talks about PHP and we can go on coding for the next lesson…

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